About Bloom Brewing Co

Our goal was to create tasty ways to get you the relief you need. We believe in the powerful healing properties of hemp and mushrooms, and we think they can help you chill out plenty. Whether it's a party or me-time, snag some Bloom for the perfect vibe.

Made In Texas

Bloom Brewing Co was created right here in Texas from all natural ingredients. No synthetics or artificial flavors, just high-end THC and CBD to get you where you need to go. 

Our Founder

“As a long-time tea enthusiast I’ve always understood the value of natural remedies. I decided to blend that passion with powerful natural and functional ingredients. That's where my journey with Bloom began. With the growing public fascination surrounding cannabis and adaptogens, I've had the opportunity to explore the realm of functional beverages, all while staying true to my hemp-centric roots.”

- Ryan Raymond, Founder and Chief Elevation Officer